Lexical Retrieval Studies

Year Title Design Number Treatment Types
1966 Berman, M., & Peelle, L. M. (1967). Self-generated cues: A method for aiding aphasic and apractic patients. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 32, 372-376. CS 1 Self-generated cues
1973 Wiegel-Crump, C., & Koenigsknecht, R. A. (1973). Tapping the lexical store of the adult aphasic: Analysis of the improvement made in word retrieval skills. Cortex, 9, 411-418. G w/in 4 Auditory & visual stimulation (SWDM)
1976 Linebaugh, C. W., & Lehner, L.H. (1977). Cueing hierarchies and word retrieval: A therapy program. Clinical Aphasiology, 7, 19-31. SS 5 Cueing Hierarchy
1976 Rosenbek, J. C., Green, E. F., Flynn, M., Wertz, R. T., & Collins, M. (1977). Anomia: A clinical experiment. Clinical Aphasiology, 7, 103-111. CS 1 Cueing Hierarchy
1978 Pease, D. M. & Goodglass, H. (1978). The effects of cueing on picture naming in aphasia. Cortex, 14, 178-189. G w/in 20 Facilitation only: Phonological & semantic cues
1978 Logue, R. D., & Dixon, M. M. (1979). Word association and the anomic response: Analysis and treatment. Clinical Aphasiology, 9, 248-260. SS 1 Semantic tx vs. phonologic tx (rhyming)
1979 Seron, X., Deloche, G., Bastard, V., Chassin, G., & Hermand, N. (1979). Word-finding difficulties and learning transfer in aphasic patients. Cortex, 15, 149-155. SS 8 Traditional
1980 Thompson, C.K., & Kearns, K.P. (1981). An experimental analysis of acquisition, generalization, and maintenance of naming behavior in a patient with anomia. Clinical Aphasiology, 11, 35-45. SS 1 Semantic + Phonolog CH
1981 Drummond, S. S., & Rentschler, G. J. (1981). The efficacy of gestural cueing in dysphasic word-retrieval responses. Journal of Communication Disorders, 14, 287-298. G w/in 8 Gestural vs. auditory-verbal cueing
1982 Golper, L.A., & Rau, M.T. (1983). Systematic analysis of cueing strategies in aphasia: taking your “cue” from the patient. Clinical Aphasiology, 13, 52-61. CS 2 Semantic cueing, Pacing cues
1984 Kearns, K. P. (1985). Response elaboration training for patient initiated utterances. Clinical Aphasiology, 15, 196-204. SS 1 Response Elaboration Tx
1985 Howard, D., Patterson, K., Franklin, S., Orchard-Lisle, V., & Morton, J. (1985b). Treatment of word retrieval deficits in aphasia. Brain, 108, 817-829. G w/in 12 Phonological & Semantic Tx
1985 Starch, S. A., & Marshall, R. C. (1986). Who’s on first? A treatment approach for name recall with aphasic patients. Clinical Aphasiology, 16, 73-79. SS 3 Supportive Hierarchy
1985 Kearns, K. P., & Marshall, R.C. (1986). Systematic programming of verbal elaboration skills in chronic Broca’s aphasia. In R. C. Marshall (Ed.), Case studies in aphasia rehabilitation (225-244). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed. SS 1 Response Elaboration Treatment
1986 Thompson, C. K., Hall, H. R., & Sison, C. E. (1986). Effects of hypnosis and imagery training on naming behavior in aphasia. Brain and Language, 28, 141-153. SS 3 Semantic Tx (Imagery) with Hypnosis
1986 Coelho, C. A., Kimbarow, M. L., & Boyle, M. (1987). A longitudinal study of word fluency response strategies in two aphasic subjects. Clinical Aphasiology, 17, 233-242. SS 2 Generative naming
1987 Behrmann, M. (1987). The rites of righting writing: Homophone remediation in acquired dysgraphia. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 4, 365-384. SS 1 Lexical tx for homophones
1987 Bruce, C., & Howard, D. (1987). Computer-generated phonemic cues: An effective aid for naming in aphasia. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 22, 191-201. SS 5 Phonological Cueing (computer generated)
1988 Li, E.C., Kitselman, K., Dusatko, D., & Spinelli, C. (1988). The efficacy of PACE in the remediation of naming deficits. Journal of Communication Disorders, 21, 491-503. SS 1 Stimulation Tx, PACE
1988 Schönle, P.-W. (1988). Compound noun stimulation: An intensive treatment approach for severe aphasia. Aphasiology, 2, 401-404. G w/in 5 Compound Noun Stimulation
1988 Kearns, K. P., & Scher, G. P. (1989). The generalization of response elaboration training effects. Clinical Aphasiology, 18, 223-245. SS 3 Response Elaboration Treatment
1989 Behrmann, M., & Lieberthal, T. (1989). Category-specific treatment of a lexical-semantic deficit: A single case study of global aphasia. British Journal of Disorders of Communication, 24, 281-299. SS 1 Semantic tx
1989 Hillis, A. E. (1989). Efficacy and generalization of treatment for aphasic naming errors. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 70, 632-636. SS 2 Semantic + phonologic cueing hierarchy
1990 Marshall, J., Pound, C., White-Thompson, M., & Pring, T. (1990). The use of picture/word matching tasks to assist word retrieval in aphasic patients. Aphasiology, 4, 167-184. SS 3 Oral Reading, Written word-picture matching
1990 Kearns, K. P., & Yedor, K. (1991). An alternating treatments comparison of loose training and a convergent treatment strategy. Clinical Aphasiology, 20, 223-238. SS 2 RET vs. convergent tx